About Us

  • CDIL was established in 1973
  • The Central Downs Irrigators Ltd represents irrigators on the Condamine River Flood Plain from Tummaville to Macalister
  • This area of the Darling Downs mainly irrigates by furrow irrigation but has recently made the move to using lateral irrigation systems


  • Water is supplied by a number of different sources
    • Ground Water
    • Overland Flow
    • River Water Harvesting
    • Regulated Supplies from the Upper Condamine Water Supply Scheme (Leslie Dam)


  • We are also supported by a number of businesses and organisations that take an interest in the local irrigation industry
  • Over the years the CDIL has worked to advance the irrigation industry and protect the rights of irrigators
  • Sustainable irrigation is our main priority, however we have also shown support for change in the areas of electricity pricing, water trading rules and coal seam gas.
  • We are active members of the National Irrigator Council, QLD Farmers Federation and the Basin Sustainability Alliance group as well as having a close relationship with Cotton Australia. This will help

               us to lobby for policy change and protection for our irrigator members to support their futures.



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